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Thread: ASP.Net Support?

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    Default ASP.Net Support?

    Can I use STSdb in environment?

    If I can. What is critical situation that I should pay attention?


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    STSdb R3.5.x requires .NET Framework 3.5, so you can use it with ASP.NET 3.5 or higher.
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    Default Do you have some test?

    On multiple concurrent access.

    Update data from 20-100 client at the same time.

    Some embedded object database tell me it's unable to use embedded object database in environment.
    Because IIS can stop/start my application without warning. And my database file may corrupt.

    I have concern about durability of concurrent usage in

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    STSdb supports ACID transaction, so you should not have a problems with durability. As for the concurent access, check this thread.

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