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Thread: Force delete a table raw file

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    Default Force delete a table raw file


    Any option available to force delete the table raw file? I am using below code to delete the XTable and associated raw file -
    XTable table = engine.Scheme.OpenXTable(new Locator(tableName));
    //delete the XTable from the Scheme
    //commit changes in the Scheme
    //delete the RawFile holding the XTable 
    Problem occurs if any previous code has opened the same table and hasn't called table.Close(). So rawFile.References does not decrement and we get "File is opened." exception.
    I understand this is more of coding issue but there could be situation where we need to forcefully remove the table and underlying raw file. Any option available for this situation?

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    table.Close() does not invoke table.RawFile.Close() method, which decrements the table.RawFile.References. (
    (EDIT: the above behavior is changed in STSdb R3.5.12)

    Forcefully delete of an underlying RawFile is not possible.
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