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    I'm looking for an embeded database for my project which runs on Windows .Net 4.0 and Mono 3.2. If I understand well, STSdb 3.5.x is STSDB R3.5? Can both be embeded and have per developer license?

    My goal here is to store a tree structure of information.
    * I need to be able to quickly enumerate the tree without loading the entire tree at once.
    * Is having a key-value store table for each level of my tree an eventual/proven solution? Other suggested solution?
    * I could also use an objectpool for instanciations if possible.
    * I need to have very fast concurrent lookups on two string indexes (basically a key and secondary key if I'm not mistaken? or can I use indexes).

    The tree should not contain more than 100 000 nodes. Tell me what you think


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    Please, clarify your tree structure. What is the structure of the node?

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