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Thread: Bulk writes super fast; individual writes super slow.

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    Default Bulk writes super fast; individual writes super slow.

    I'm evaluating STSdb W4. I designed a composite key of 9 numbers in length and with a simple long value.

    Writes vary from 200 k to 500 k / sec depending on the bulk set size with each Commit().

    However, since there are no transactions, I tested writes with a Commit() on each write. Speed was 527 records / sec.

    I'm curious if there are any plans to improve this. After all, most DB work consists of single or relatively few writes, not 500k bulk.

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    Yes, we have plans to improve the Commit() method, but this will be for the next major release.

    Meanwhile, you can try to decrease the number of records in the W-tree root node. (The root node is always stored on commit.) This should decrease the commit time:
            StorageEngine eng = (StorageEngine)engine;
            eng.INTERNAL_NODE_MAX_OPERATIONS_IN_ROOT = 1024; //default is 8192
    But do not decrease the value too much, it will affect the performance.
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    Thanks. I will try that.

    Regarding the next major release, could you indicate what level of improvement you reckon you'll get, and when the release is likely to happen (realistically)?

    I'm also curious as to what other features will be included. The roadmap only gives speculation

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    We follow the roadmap philosophy. At this stage of development we can't share details.

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    I see. Atanas, I am highly interested in your product for a particularly large project, but I have several technical questions that are crucial to me. How do I get these answered? Post them one by one here? Email you (I have your email address, but I haven't had any replies)?

    Please advise.

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    I see. Atanas, I am very interested in this product, but I have some technical questions that are crucial for me to get answered.

    What is the easiest way? Post them one by one here? Or email you (I haven't had a reply to my last email to you).

    Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Sorry for late answer - for some reason the forum system await approval from us of your posts... We will disable this.

    Feel free to post your questions on the forum.

    Thank you.
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