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Thread: Commit causes exception: "Operation could destabilize the runtime."

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    Default Commit causes exception: "Operation could destabilize the runtime."

    When I close the database I do commit() followed by a close() and get the following exception; any ideas?
    The exception is generated by the Commit(); If I leave out the Commit() the files are empty but no exception is generated.

    InnerException: System.Security.VerificationException
    Message=Operation could destabilize the runtime.
    Source=Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly
    at lambda_method(Closure , BinaryWriter , IData )
    at STSdb4.Data.DataPersist.Write(BinaryWriter writer, IData item) in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\Data\DataPersist.cs:line 39
    at STSdb4.Database.OperationCollectionPersist.WriteRe placeOperation(BinaryWriter writer, IOperation operation) in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\Database\OperationCollectionPersi st.cs:line 55
    at STSdb4.Database.OperationCollectionPersist.Write(B inaryWriter writer, IOperationCollection item) in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\Database\OperationCollectionPersi st.cs:line 145
    at STSdb4.WaterfallTree.WTree.BranchCache.Store(WTree tree, BinaryWriter writer) in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\WaterfallTree\WTree.BranchCache.c s:line 176
    at STSdb4.WaterfallTree.WTree.Commit(CancellationToke n cancellationToken, Locator locator, Boolean hasLocator, IData fromKey, IData toKey) in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\WaterfallTree\WTree.cs:line 336
    at STSdb4.WaterfallTree.WTree.Commit() in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\WaterfallTree\WTree.cs:line 346
    at STSdb4.Database.StorageEngine.Commit() in d:\STSdb4\STSdb4\Database\StorageEngine.cs:line 253
    at Nessoft.Persistence.DataStore.Close() in d:\Development\Nessoft\Xerek\XerekBase\DataStore\D ataStore.cs:line 127
    at Nessoft.Controller.Collector.CloseDataStore() in d:\Development\Nessoft\Xerek\XerekBase\Collector\C ollector.cs:line 1402
    at Nessoft.Controller.PingServer.Stop(String collectorId) in d:\Development\Nessoft\Xerek\XerekBase\PingServer\ PingServer.cs:line 579

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    Try to fix this with KnowledgeBase 2748645. The issue is also described here.

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