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Thread: How to read data from a stsdb file?

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    Default How to read data from a stsdb file?

    first of all, the stsdb file is created by someone else.
    I don't konw the key and record types.

    I just try the follow codes: STS db 4.0.5)

    using (var se = STSdb.FromFile("filePath")) 
        foreach (var des in se) 
            var tableName = des.Name; 
            var keyDataType = des.KeyDataType; 
            var recordDataType = des.RecordDataType; 
         //  se.OpenXTable<>(tableName)   //How to do: 
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    If you have the database file, you can try the following code:

    using (var engine = STSdb.FromFile("data.stsdb4"))
        foreach (var descriptor in engine)
            var tableName = descriptor.Name;
            var keyDataType = descriptor.KeyDataType;
            var recordDataType = descriptor.RecordDataType;
            var table = engine.OpenXTablePortable(tableName, keyDataType, recordDataType);
    This will open a XTablePortable instance of your original table. You can read more about the different kinds of XTables in the documentation: XTable implementations.

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