STSdb 4.0.6, a new version of the .NET database has been released.

Release updates:
  • bug fixed: Persist<T> and DataPersist<T> do not work with AllowNull.All flag. This bug does not affect the default database behaviour (which creates the persist instances with AllowNull.OnlyMembers flag).
  • bug fixed: XFile does not Read correctly after open.
  • bug fixed: SortedSetExtension.ConstructFromSortedArray finally works under Mono without the slow workaround.
  • bug fixed: DecimalExtensions.GetDigits now works under Mono.
  • bug fixed: SlotsBuilder.BuildType now works under Mono.
  • other: the STSdb4 is built under .NET 4.5 Framework.

The database should now work under Mono.

STSdb 4.0.6