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Thread: STSdb 4.0.6 generates a SystemIndexOutOfRangeException under mono

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    Default STSdb 4.0.6 generates a SystemIndexOutOfRangeException under mono

    This is a continuation of Mono compatibility question again in the Questions and Answers forum.

    Version 4.0.6 fails on my test case with a SystemIndexOutOfRangeException.
    I've generated a test case that's fairly small in terms of code, although it requires a data file to put STSdb in the failing state.
    The tar.gz file is ~5 Mb. Some of that is the data file, some of that is the 4.0.6 code, and a page or so of text is the test case itself.

    I'm not allowed to attach files. Would you like the test case, and, if so, should I email it to someone there?

    As before, the test case works under windows.
    - Mark Shirley

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    We are currently working on the issues with Mono.

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