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Thread: Store different size data in one table ?

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    Default Store different size data in one table ?

    According to the project needs,I want to store binary data in one table,the record size is 4KB,256KB,2MB,4MB,16MB,even is 256MB,The number of each record kinds is random.

    the Key is long;

    the Value is byte array(byte[n]);

    Is STSDB suitable for this situation,Store the different size of data in one table?
    How to set the W-tree properties?
    Do you recommend to do it?

    thanks in advance.

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    STSdb 4.0 is more suitable for storing records with similar size. But you have to investigate which storage engine settings are best for your specific case.

    As far as for the implementation approach: I can advice you to split your record into multiple pieces and store them as individual records. Your key will have to be from two components: Long and Int for example, where the Long part is your specific key and the Int part is the individual piece from the record.

    In that way you will have many smaller records and you will benefit more from the performance of STSdb 4.0.

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