Greetings friends.

We are pleased to inform you that three of our major developments are now live on GitHub:

STSdb 4.0 is a NoSQL key-value store open-source database with innovative WaterfallTree indexing technology that provides blazing performance in real-time indexing of both sequential and random keys

The STS.General library provides a wide set of general methods, tools and collections that have been strongly optimized for performance and are some of the fastest solutions a developer can find on the internet. It features a lot of avant-garde developments that are result of many years in research & development.

STS.General is aslo the homeplace of our IData technology, which is a standalone API designed for ultra-fast binary serialization and comparison of user data. More about IData can be found in the article:

Database Benchmark is our dedicated benchmark tool. It is an open-source .NET benchmark application designed to stress test different databases with large data flows. It is now packed with new features and improvements and we would be more than happy to adress any requested features from you.

The STS Soft Development Team welcomes and encourages everyone willing to contribute to our open-source projects.