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Thread: Extremly slow random access

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    Default Extremly slow random access


    After modifications of the project "STSdb4.SpeedDemo" to include random reads, the result is simple : STSdb is extremely slow compared to engine like LevelDB. I haven't found why it was so slow. On random inserting, STSdb is a lot faster than anything. On random read, it's the slowest engine I've never seen.

    Is there a reason ?

    Thank you.
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    The STSdb 4.0 indexing structure (WaterfallTree) is heavily optimized for large bulk inserts of random and sequential keys. (The sequential read is also fast.)

    I would sugest you to read the following posts which describe the problem of random reads and offer different approaches for solving it:

    Post #2: Slow read performance and other evaluating questions
    Post #4: Slow query response on graph like queries

    In general, the random read speed can be increased, but there is a price to pay for the increased insert performance.

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