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Thread: Manipulating and parsing files in the StorageEngine.FileSystem (Database)

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    Default Manipulating and parsing files in the StorageEngine.FileSystem (Database)

    I want to parse and manipulate all the files stored in the StorageEngine.FileSystem. I can't find my way. Please tell by coding, How can this be done?

            Dim srcTable As XTable(Of Long, LibertyPIM_Vault) = Nothing
                'open source table
                srcTable = session.myDB.dbObject.Scheme.OpenXTable(Of Long, LibertyPIM_Vault)(New Locator("LibertyPIM_Vault"))
                If IsNothing(srcTable) Then Return False
            Catch ex As Exception
                Return False
            End Try
            Dim srcFile As RawFile = session.myDB.dbObject.FileSystem.ObtainFile()

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    1. If you want to find and manipulate the back-ended RawFile of some XTable you have to find the relevant scheme record in the egine.Scheme table by the XTable locator:
        SchemeRecord record;
        if (engine.Scheme.TryGet(new Locator("table1"), out record))
            RawFile rawFile = engine.FileSystem.OpenFile(record.Handle);
    2. Every XTable instance also has a public field
    public readonly RawFile RawFile;
    which indicates which is their back-ended raw file.

    3. You can also enumerate the handles of all back-ended RawFiles of the available XTables:
        foreach (var row in engine.Scheme)
            Console.WriteLine("RawFile handle:{0}, Locator:{1}, XTable:{2}", row.Record.Handle, row.Key, row.Record.Type);
    The Scheme table is the catalog of all tables contained in the database. It is a XTable descendant, so you can do the same operations as with a regular XTable.

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