STSdb License Terms

STSdb 3.5 and STSdb 4.0 are released under dual-license terms. These terms give you the freedom to choose how to use the software – with an open-source or commercial license.

STSdb Open-source License

One of the main features of STSdb 3.5/4.0 is that they are open source. In that way, members of the community or even third party developers can see our technology in action. We provide the users with the freedom to see, benefit and even modify some of the provided implementations.

STSdb is released under GPLv2 open-source license and if a developer wants to use our software, he also has to release his application under GPLv2.

By choosing the open-source license:

  • Anyone using the software must have access to the complete source code.
  • Anyone must be able to modify and redistribute that software to anyone free of charge.

STSdb Commercial License

Commercial licenses are for users who do not want to develop, use and distribute their software under standard open-source terms.

By purchasing a commercial license:

  • You do not have to release the application’s source code.
  • You can distribute the software for a specified fee and have commercial benefits.

Commercial licenses are sold “Per instance” for a specified amount of time (default: one year). “Per instance” license means that if you have for example two STSdb storage engine instances running in your application, you have to buy two commercial licenses.

It doesn’t matter how many copies of your application you distribute, all that matters is how many instances of STSdb are running inside your application. We do not charge any fees for a sold application instance containing STSdb.

After a commercial license expires, you have two options:

  • Renew your license and continue to use STSdb under the Commercial License.
  • Do not renew your license – then the GPLv2 license automatically takes over and you can continue to use STSdb but under the GPLv2.

If the above conditions do not satisfy your organization’s legal department and needs (for example: you do not approve GPL or you distribute your application under GPLv2 incompatible license), please contact STS Soft’s Sales Department – we will try to make the situation work for everyone and offer you a custom solution that fits your specific needs.