Data Processing Studio

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An integrated development environment (IDE) for visual programming and real-time data processing.

Data Processing Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for visual programming and real-time data processing. It provides advanced data processing tools that are accessible via unique ‘drag-n-drop’ interface and graphics editor which provide fast and intuitive way of building blazing fast processing engines.

Data Processing Studio introduces the concept of “processors”. Each processor is a separate module that can implement functionality via easy to use programming interfaces. Processors can perform different actions and can be connected together using the graphics editor to form different kinds of processing engines. Developers can implement their own processors to perform custom actions – the engine of Data Processing Studio handles user processors automatically without additional effort from the developers.

Data Processing Studio introduces a whole new level of multi-threaded real-time data processing. It has a built-in multi-threaded execution engine that not only utilizes multi-core machines, but provides non-stop real-time processing. The execution engine incorporates some of the most avant-garde parallel design patterns as well as STS Soft’s years of experience working with BigData and real-time data processing.

The software architecture of Data Processing Studio is specially designed for fast execution speed and ease of use. The different layers are designed so that they may be easily modified or even completely replaced by developers. This not only gives users the possibility to improve, but also to write their own extensions, plug-ins or even libraries for personal needs.

Fast data processing

Data Processing Studio provides ultra-fast processing of real-time data.

Scalable and versatile

Data Processing Studio can be easily customized for all kinds of processing tasks.


Data Processing Studio offers outstanding user interface designed for the best user experience.

Key Features

  • Fast real-time data processing
  • Scalable and versatile – suitable for all kinds of data processing tasks
  • Outstanding user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-threaded execution engine
  • Data Processing Library – includes a wide set of tools for data processing
  • Graphics Library – includes features for visualizing data
  • Market Library – includes features for creating price processing engines
  • Custom libraries support
  • Multi-layer architecture for easy developments and maintenance