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Public Database Benchmarks

The public database benchmarks database is a place where you can find performance results submitted by the users’ own configurations. Feel free to upload your results too!

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Database Benchmark is an open-source .NET benchmark application designed to stress test different databases with heavy data flows.

Advanced Data Generators

Special algorithms that provide close to real-life data streams.

Graphic Vsualization and Export

Chart visualization and export of the test results.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and easy to use interface.

Simple stress tests

Database Benchmark performs two main test scenarios:

  • Insertion of large amount of randomly generated records with sequential or random keys;
  • Read of the inserted records, ordered by their keys.

Every database must be capable of performing these simple tests – insert large amount of records and then reading them ordered by their keys. We chose this test scenarios, because they are a widespread task in many real-time systems – telecoms, stock exchanges, SCADA/HMI and etc.

Performance monitoring

Database Benchmark monitors and measures the most basic parameters for the stress test:

  • Insert speed – the speed of insertion of all generated records (with sequential or random keys);
  • Read speed – the speed of reading of all inserted records ordered by their key;
  • Size – the size of the database after insert and read complete.


Database Benchmark is an open-source application redistributed under the GPLv2 license. All of the databases included in the benchmark are implemented by our team. We do not pretend that the implementations are the best possible.If you can propose better ones or if you want to add another database or contribute to the project, write to us – we will include the source in the next application release.

Database Benchmark can be found on:

Advanced data generators

Database Benchmark generates test data with specially designed algorithms to ensure maximum objectivity of the tests and to ensure that the data is as close to the real-life data as possible.

Easy to use

Database Benchmark has a very intuitive and easy to use user interface. You can perform instant stress tests without any additional effort.

Download the latest version of Database Benchmark 3.0.0

Database Types

Database Engines

  • SQL
  • NoSQL
    • Document Store
    • Graph Database
    • Key-Value Store
    • Object Databases
    • Wide Column Store
  • Access 2013
  • BrightstarDB
  • CassandraDB
  • Db4objects
  • Derby
  • Firebird
  • H2
  • HamsterDB
  • levelDB
  • MongoDB
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Berkeley
  • Perst
  • Postgre
  • RaptorDB
  • RavenDB
  • ScimoreDB
  • Siaqodb
  • SQLite
  • STSdb
  • VelocityDB
  • Volante