Market Feeder

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A comprehensive data feeder application that provides real-time quotes for the MetaTrader 4 & 5 server.

Market Feeder is a software product which allows market makers and brokerage companies to gain complete real-time control over the flow of Forex and stock currency quotes. It provides full set of features for controlling and monitoring the flow of real-time data.

Market Feeder is integrated with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms and supports a full range of instruments featuring – spike protection, anti-arbitrage system, floating spreads, real-time chart visualization, archive of input/output data flows and much, much more.

Fast and smooth price

Market Feeder offers real-time quotes with integrated anti-arbitrage and spike protection algorithms.

Data Feeder Support

Market Feeder supports the most widely used data feeders as well as custom providers.

Real-time visualization

Market Feeder offers real-time chart visualization for precise monitoring of the data flow.

What is the problem?

Small and big brokerage companies experience problems with the calculation of a fair price – stable, fast, smooth and spike-free price. Most of the brokerage companies pay commissions or other fees to liquidity providers in exchange for quotes. That makes them dependent from the liquidity providers and cuts down the profit. These are problems that are completely solved by Market Feeder.

How can Market Feeder help you?

Market Feeder can help you become an independent market maker. Market Feeder has a special algorithm that calculates a fair price based on the prices from selected input quote providers. Our algorithms do not only offer precise and fair price generation, but also feature anti-spike protection, anti-arbitrage protection, as well as floating spreads. We calculate the price separately for the bid and ask quote streams, and because of that we can offer competitive tight spreads. You no longer have to depend on the liquidity providers to offer you a stable price, now you are the market maker.

Key Features

  • Generates quotes stream compatible with the MetaTrader4 server
  • Floating spread
  • Visualization of current and historical prices of different brokers/market makers
  • Backup of all market prices (inputs and outputs) in a database and text files (date, symbol’s code, source, channel, stock exchange, etc.)
  • Anti-arbitrage algorithms
  • Automatic synchronization of the matrix of (currency) crosses
  • Different behavior for markets with few players (starting sessions, holidays and others)
  • Protection from spikes
  • Script engine plus exit code for scripts for generation of quotes
  • Configuration can be changed at runtime without the need to stop the software
  • Real-time statistics for every source (pips count, connection status etc.)
  • Absolute and relative charts of quotations by trading instrument
  • Cross generated quotes
  • Quotations on derivative contracts
  • Able to define input streams of sources of different liquidity providers

For further information about Market Feeder, please contact us.

Supports Different Data Feeders

  • MetaTrader
  • eSignal
  • Gain Capital
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Dukascopy (JForex)
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • Macedonian Stock Exchange