STSdb 4.0

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An ultra-fast NoSQL key-value store open-source database based on WaterfallTree indexing technology.

STSdb 4.0 is a NoSQL key-value store open-source database. The entire database is written in pure managed .NET language without using unsafe code. The STSdb 4.0 engine is based on WaterfallTree technology. WaterfallTree provides blazing performance in real-time indexing of both sequential and random keys, making STSdb 4.0 perfect for BigData and enterprise systems.


STSdb provides 100x increase in indexing speed and data procesing.


WaterfallTree indexing technology – the key for the blazing speed of STSdb.

Big Data

STSdb can be used as a scalable and versatile node for cloud computing and BigData systems.


The best designed API in the database world. Simplicity is beauty.


Theoretical studies and practical tests show:

  • 6x increase compared to LSM-tree technology.
  • 10x increase compared to FractalTree technology.
  • 100x increase compared to B-tree technology.

Stop the endless hardware upgrades and excessive HDD/SSD wear. Get top class performance with WaterfallTree technology without additional investments.


STSdb is not only faster, but more compact in size:

  • Up to 2x more compact than LevelDB.
  • Up to 3x more compact than TokuDB.
  • Up to 4x more compact than Oracle BerkeleyDB.

No more wasted space and storage device upgrades. Achieve high levels of compactness thanks to fast parallel vertical compressions.

No configuration

STSdb comes out of the box with a highly tuned storage engine. Get instant blazing performance without additional tuning and save development time.

Brilliant API Design

STSdb has the easiest to use database interface. Explore the power and beauty of STSdb in just a few minutes.

Get the latest version of STSdb 4.0.8

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast embedded .NET database
  • WaterfallTree storage engine
  • Real-time indexing of random and monotonous keys
  • Real-time support of multiple tables
  • Wide set of natively supported .NET types
  • Support of complex keys and records
  • IData technology for direct work with user types without performance penalty
  • Parallel vertical compressions
  • Ability to work with provided user logic (custom comparers, custom persist etc.)
  • Can work as an in-memory database
  • Modular architecture, replaceable layers
  • Base client/server functionality
  • 100% managed code
  • Intuitive use