STSdb 4.0 is one of the fastest databases in the world. To prove that we have conducted a series of simple tests using our dedicated database test suite called Database Benchmark.

Database Benchmark

Database Benchmark is a benchmark application designed to test different databases with heavy data flows. The application performs two main test scenarios:

  • Insertion of large amount of randomly generated records with sequential or random keys;
  • Read of the inserted records, ordered by their keys.

Every tested database must be capable of performing this simple test – insert the generated records and read them, ordered by their keys.

Test Setup

The number of records varies from few millions to few billions. The keys are of type long (8 bytes), the records are inspired from a real data model used in stock exchanges. The records are generated using random-walk algorithm, which provides close to real-time values.

All of the tests are made with random generated keys only!