Big data is a term for collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data management systems. The “BigData” term is dynamic – what is considered “large” today, will be considered “small” tomorrow.

With its innovative WaterfallTree technology, STSdb 4.0 is the perfect choice for BigData and enterprise systems. It can be used as a scalable node for different purposes:

  • Take the primary impact of large incoming data flows
  • Effective processing of large data flows
  • Effective storage engine and backup system

This can drastically boost the responsiveness and performance of the systems.

Most of today’s data analytic systems handle only small amount of the overall data (The Large Hadron Collider for example deals with only 0.001% of the sensor data) due to the outdated data indexing technologies they use – B-tree, B+-tree etc.

In these situations, STSdb 4.0 with its innovative WaterfallTree indexing technology has the leading advantage. It successfully manages to index and process the large amounts of real-time data which brings benefits not only to normal users, but to technological and scientific areas.