At STS Soft we do not just develop applications to solve complex and fundamental problems – we develop the technologies behind these solutions. Our technological achievements are the result of years of research and development in the field of applied mathematics and informatics. Tackling some of the most difficult tasks requires top level expertise, vision and creativity.


WaterfallTree is an algorithmic solution for achieving significant improvement in the speed of indexing by minimizing the number of random write operationsIt is a result of years of research and development in the field of theoretical computer science and application programming. The technology allows tangible increase in the overall speed of data systems, regardless of their size. The technology is theoretically justified and implemented.

  • Speed

    Blazing speed when inserting records with both sequential and random keys.

  • Parallelization

    Natural parallelization that fully utilizes multi-core machines.

  • Multiple index support

    Support of multiple indexes over multiple tables without performance impact.

  • Speed

    Ultra-fast serialization and comparison of data.

  • Compactness

    The most space efficient serialization library.

  • Simplicity

    Designed for ease-of-use. The simplest and most powerful serialization library on the market.


IData is a summary name of a developed standalone API designed for ultra-fast binary serialization and comparison of user data. The IData technology is deeply integrated into the STSdb 4.0 engine and is one of the main reasons for the speed of STSdb.